Microbide – Anti-Microbial Biocide Research & Development

Microbide – Antimicrobial Biocide R&D

Microbide Ltd is an antimicrobial research and development company specializing in microbial control solutions. We develop and commercialise aldehyde-based biocides. Biocides eradicate germs and pathogens and can be used across a wide range of applications.

The Market for Biocides Include:

  • Water disinfection
  • Animal hygiene, agri- and food-security
  • Hospital disinfection
  • Sterilisation of invasive medical devices
  • Oil and gas production operations
  • Paints and Adhesives
  • Fast moving consumer products

All Biocides are not alike: 

Only the aldehyde chemical class can provide a consistent mechanism of killing against all types of microbes whether they are bacteria, fungus, virus, spores and more.

Among aldehyde-based products there are significant differences too.

Microbide’s patented approach is to provide safe and effective aldehyde-based products complexed with surfactant micelles; to reduce volatility, while providing a stable structure with which to associate and enhance the powerful antimicrobial action of the active ingredients.  Safety and stability are enhanced significantly.

Many of Microbide’s formulations are biodegradable and require no special handling or waste management protocols. Head-to-head comparative studies demonstrate superior efficacy to market leading products in antimicrobial killing, cleaning and rinsability.

Different aldehydes and aldehyde combinations are better suited to different conditions.

Take a look at some of our current product range, for this reason, Microbide works with a platform of both mono- and di- aldehydes for purpose built solutions.

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