Measles - Outbreak - just the beginning

We all have a stake in the public health of our nations.  Disease knows no borders, be they geographic, societal or economic. The rumors and discussions that abound reinforce the need for agreement on a single standard for legitimate products in the market place. Education and outreach are hugely important and both need to be at the core of an informed civil society. Microbide is developing a series of products that embody the safety and efficacy so very much needed in biotech production and products.

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Keith Spiro
Microbide India Pvt Ltd Announcement

Microbide Limited, the new biocide company that goes Beyond CleanTM, is pleased to announce the formation of a local subsidiary, Microbide India  Pvt Ltd, and the appointment of Mr. Saurav Sanyal as its first Director.

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The Microbide Bucket Challenge

Microbide Invites you to show your environmental stewardship

Microbide Limited, the Irish research and development company, invites you to show your environmental stewardship by joining in as a sponsor of our upcoming bucket tests in India. We are preparing to field test new, elegant and eco-friendly solutions that have the potential to significantly disrupt the power of mosquitoes causing Malaria and Dengue Fever / Zika.

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AntiMicrobial Resistance and Superbugs

Irish Government's National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance

Seeing all the press around the Irish Government's National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance and the recent concerns and press over the superbug that has been found in 17 hospitals in Ireland, we asked our our CEO,  Mary Skelly to clarify some of the issues and worries around the risks. She issued the following statement:

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