World Malaria Day

This is an urgent call to citizens on World Malaria Day:

There is no doubt that Malaria and other vector borne diseases can be curtailed this generation. 

However without wide spread grass-roots community action involving EVERY CITIZEN no matter what resources are thrown at this problem the diseases will continue.

 'What doesn't kill you WILL make you stronger', is appropriate to the diseases, and the vectors of diseases as much as their human targets. The flow of humans from one location to another aides the rapid spread of vector borne diseases.Therefore safer and more intense disinfection of public transportation must be considered in any plan to improve health and safety for all for it is all of us that are spreading and complicating the diseases. 

We need a more diligent community practice of basic sanitation and hygiene to diminish the spread of diseases like Malaria but at the same time community reservoirs need to be addressed because of the prevalence of these diseases in these places. 

We will be back where we started in only a short matter of time unless we look after the collective community immunological health and reduce the burden of these diseases within the population. 

Medical interventions are necessary both to those currently affected and those harboring these diseases

The real issue if we don't make widespread improvements in a more thorough eradication of the diseases is that BOTH: the disease and their vectors will be stronger. 

This is an urgent call to citizens to take action. Encourage a private, public and government concerted effort on behalf of world health - 

from a talk by Microbide CEO on World Malaria Day 2018.