Saurav Sanyal appointed to Board of Directors

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 27 June 2019

 Microbide, a rising global biotech company committed to bringing a new generation of safer sterilants and high level disinfectant products to a global market is proud to announce the election of Saurav Sanyal to its Corporate Board of Directors effective 27 June 2019.   He will also continue on in his current role of Microbide, Executive Director – Asia.

 With the acceleration of infectious disease and new outbreaks of measles which has recently been surging across Europe, there is a growing awareness of the need for health safety education along with better products.  Microbide is bringing to market the newest generation of biocides. Safer and more effective, they will be easily adopted for use by the younger generation of health care workers.

 Microbide co-founder and CEO, Mary Skelly stated that "bringing  Saurav Sanyal onto the board is just the beginning of significant steps Microbide's team will be taking to meet the needs of the health and hospital sectors. India has demonstrated that it will be at the lead of this new direction and we are excited to add him to our executive team and now to our Board of Directors.  Board Chairman James O’Reilly added, “With this appointment, Microbide is recognizing the future growth potential of our products in the Indian subcontinent in healthcare, hospitality, and insecticide markets.  Saurav Sanyal brings a unique set of skills to our future that will drive our growth and development globally.  I look forward to working with him over the coming years.”

At its AGM, Microbide Limited also took the necessary steps to expand its Board of Directors from 5 to 7; signaling further changes in the near future.



Saurav Sanyal, is founder and managing partner of Strategica is an India based advisory firm working across a number of sectors of interest to Microbide including  Smart Cities, Education, Food and Agriculture, Consumer Goods, Biotechnology, and Public Health.

Microbide was established in 2008 in Dublin Ireland to research and develop micelle stablized aldehyde-based biocides to eradicate germs and pathogens. The unmet demand for new solutions has pushed commercialisation to the forefront. 

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