Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) is a playbook for the Cleaning community

Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) is a playbook for the Cleaning community. A position paper from CEO Mary Skelly.

The indiscriminate use / abuse of antibiotics is the biggest reason for the worldwide explosion of superbugs and hospital acquired infections.  At the core of this is a lack of appreciation and respect for how these products work.  Without education and an understanding of ALL of the consequences of antibiotic use and how these impact the wider environment, we will continue to slide into situations where fewer and fewer agents (alone or in combination, at full or near toxic levels) will provide the necessary effect to save lives at exactly the same time when pathogens are gaining in strength or devising mechanisms to resist the few lines of defence we have available.  The very same is true of cleaning and disinfecting agents.

You can have the best disinfecting cleaning agent in the world, but if it isn’t used correctly then the same result that we are dealing with on AMR will ultimately make disinfectants useless. 

At Microbide we are exploring the use of newer techniques, such as AI, as part of our Education program to inform the end-user on:  the how, the when, the when not, the where and the why and why not to use one product or a combination of products on surfaces.  The fundamental question has to be asked:  Was the surface adequately cleaned and treated to ensure that pathogens are rendered harmless or abolished altogether? 

Instead of de-valuing the hard physical work of a porter, cleaner, or decontamination specialist, we need to understand that the basic act of cleaning and disinfecting, and the effects this has is hugely meaningful to all of us.Using a variety of techniques, changing the disinfectant solutions, and testing to ensure that no new pathogens enter the ecology on a table or floor surface, for example, should be the first line of defence against the spread of disease to our families, our pets, and our food and water chains.It’s all about keeping it healthy, keeping it clean, and doing no harm.That’s the reason for our tag-line:Microbide ‘Beyond Clean’.