Our vision

To improve the human condition through our research, developments & innovations


A broad range of biohazards continue to threaten critical infrastructure in both emerging and developed markets —from food production, to vector borne disease, to clean water, to healthcare.

Microbide Limited’s focus is our commitment to extend the knowledge-base in relation to pathogen elimination, further our understanding of microbial control, and provide product solutions to a variety of applications that address the needs of biohazard control in an environmental way.


our Success

Microbide has developed micelle-stabilized aldehyde technology


Microbide have successfully developed and are commercialising stable aldehyde-based biocides which eradicate germs and pathogens. 

The patented Microbide technology is based on micelles: the tiny lipid spheres that form when oil hits water. These micelles encapsulate and stabilise volatile chemicals called aldehydes and enhance their antimicrobial properties.

Microbide’s solutions include applications for hospital disinfection and decontamination, cleaning community, water systems, agriculture and killing disease-causing germs and their insect vectors. Our easy to use products are safe, effective and better than anything else in its class today.

Microbide’s products are: 

  1. safer and more efficacious than corresponding products,

  2. have a much broader range of use,

  3. have longer shelf-life, and

  4. many are biodegradable.


2018 Microbide products hit the market


Microbide HLD range

In the Health sector our High Level Disinfectant (HLD) range launches this year. We hope to contribute towards slowing antimicrobial resistance and reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) through distributing highly effective disinfectants for hospitals.

Our disinfectant products are primarily for use in hospital environments to clean medical equipment, helping to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) which affect over 5%-10% of all patients*.

The benefits of Microbide HLD solutions are:

  1. Enhanced Safety

  2. Cleans & Residue Free

  3. Longer Shelf-life

  4. Re-useable

  5. Biodegradable

Click image to view. What is a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI)?


Microbide Larvicide


As part of our vision to improve the human condition, we hope to be a contributing factor to ending vector-born diseases like Malaria with our novel bio-degradable larvicide.

A larvicide is a chemical thats targets the growth the developing stage of an insect, most commonly mosquitoes.

Microbide larvicide is currently testing in India, helping to eradicate mosquito larvae and reduce adult mosquito population before they start spreading disease.

The benefits of Microbide Larvicides are:

  1. Highly effective at killing the immature stages of both species of mosquito that carry Malaria and Dengue Fever.

  2. Biodegradable - after use it breaks down into CO2 and water.

  3. Low Toxicity